Solex S2200

The breech is different from the previous models. The engine of the S2200 has been reworked to offer more power, 0.7 hp instead of 0.5 hp made available until then.
The S2200 was marketed from 1961 to 1964 and will break some annual sales records.

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Technical datas of Solex S2200


Date of manufacture 1961 - 1964
Engine capacity 49 cc pour 0,7 cv
Max. speed 30 km/h
Weight -
Quantity built 1 081 292 unités
Rencensée -
Available colors noire à liserets dorés
Specials Antiparasitage
moteur plus puissant que celui du 1700
Price 348 NF + taxe locale


Motorization Solex S2200


Specifications 49 cm³
0,7 cv
bore .....x.........
N° engine 2 202 001 - 3 283 293
Specials cylinder TUM 80
Fuel Solexine

Partie Cycle S2200

Specifications Folded sheet metal, stamped
N° frame  
Specials S2200 painted white on the air filter
Wheels 1 3/4 x 19

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