Identifying your Solex

The Solex have undergone important optical and technical evolutions imposed by the years they have passed through. These improvements have contributed to increased user comfort and the success of the Solex brand.

Among the most remarkable modifications are the clutch which will appear in 1959 on the 1700 model, the interference suppression from the S2200, the use of disc brakes and a cardan drive on the Flash and even The use of a manual gearbox on the Tenor S4... 

Each model will give way to a successor equipped with a more powerful motor or a more advanced cycle.

Description of Velosolex models :

  • Solex 1946, the  first Solex, 45cc engine
  • 330, the first commercial name, 49cc engine
  • 660, new frame
  • 1010, engine improvments
  • 1400, the wheels are smaller
  • 1700, equiped with automatic coupling
  • S2200, the engine has an interference protection according to new lows
  • S3800, the most famous
  • 5000, for young peapole
  • Plisolex, un VeloSolex transportable
  • Flash, a lot of innovation : disc brakes, cardan driven and coller by fan !
  • Tenor, Solex is not the engine manufacturer any more
  • Micron, driver license