Solex original accessories

Many companies have offered, from the first models of VéloSolex, opportunities for improvement in terms of comfort, aesthetics and the autonomy of the machines.

Practical accessories


This is the most common option. It is used to protect the tank and the magnetic flying cover in the event of a fall and is therefore necessary especially on models prior to the S2200 where the exposed parts were steel and feared blows. Part-shocks can also have an aesthetic purpose because of its elegant chrome silhouette.
There are different models of part-shocks for the same model (different manufacturers) but they are all fixed on the fork in much the same way, which also allows to mount them on different models with an identical fork.

   330 Part-chocs Solex 330 Part-chocs Solex S2200 S 2200
S3800 Part-chocs Solex S3800 Part-chocs Solex 3800  S3800



The Solex are known for their reduced consumption of about 1l up to 1.4l per 100 km depending on the model, but not for their autonomy! The tanks allow on all types of roller brand of the brand to travel a hundred miles at most.
To remedy this, there was the possibility of adding an additional plastic container of the "banana" type along the beam or to fix on the fork a can of Solexin, the essence specially designed by BP for Solex.

Solex 330


The companies SYMPLEX and HaHa offered locks for Solex. The first system was fixed on the frame and could by moving a metal rod prevent any movement of the fork. The second system is a kind of clamp mounted on the frame near a wheel which closing prevents the rotation of the latter.

Antivol de Solex par SYMLPEX 

Aesthetic accessories


For models from the S3300, a light alloy footrest can replace the standard black plastic model.

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