Solex S3800

The Solex S3800 was marketed between 1965 and 1988.

3 years after its release, the S3800 is available in blue or red version "luxury" and white version "Super luxury", the latter remaining rare. It is thus the first velosolex not to be proposed only in the color black. The fenders of these models are chrome, the tank, the magnetic flywheel cover and the engine lift lever are painted in gray, the whitewall tires.An evolution to note is the appearance of gas grip, gray and no longer yellow, on the S3800. However, the brake levers always remain inverted.

The S3800 has represented the VeloSolex brand for 23 years and was thus the best-selling Solex model. Other models will be offered for sale in parallel, such as the Solex 5000, the Flash, the Tenor range...
In 1974 Motobecane buys Solex and maintains the S3800 in the catalog. The S3800 sold under the reign of Motobecane bear on the frame a sticker in the effigy of the new owner.
Sales crumble in 1988. Yamaha, who bought Motobécane MBK became in 1984 then stops the production of this mythical machine...

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Technical datas of Solex S3800


  S3800 S3800 "Luxe" S3800 "Super Luxe"
Date of manufacture 1965 - 1988 1968 - 1988
Engine capacity 49 cc
Max. Speed 30 km/h
Quantity built      
Available colors Black Blue, Red White
Specials   Whitewall tires; Chrome fender; Tank, engine lift lever and gray flywheel cover.


Motorization S3800


  S3800 S3800 "Luxe" S3800 "Super Luxe"
specifications 49 cm³
1 cv
N° engine      
Specials cylindre TUM 80A    
Fuel Solexine


Frame S3800


  S3800 S3800 "Luxe" S3800 "Super Luxe" S3800 Motobécane
specifications Folded sheet metal, stamped
N° frame        
Specials plastic wand to hide the welded junction of the frame Colors Blache color of the frame with gray plastic engine parts stickers Motobécane
Frame Weight        
Wheels 1 3/4 - 19