Now comes the paint key. This is the time to learn how to paint in a compressor, the investment is not huge and the quality is incomparable to spray paints.
In first coat, a standard anti-rust is to apply, but it must be the color of the final paint if possible. In the second layer comes the final painting.For the drips, that you will sooner or later ..., sand the water with fine sandpaper parts and put a stroke of paint.

Above all, it is very important to take pictures before and during the dismantling of the Solex to allow a quick and original winding. Something made all the easier with the use of a digital camera.

Most of the hardware is M6 (key 9 ...) with various geometries that are not found today. The best is to reuse it by making it absolutely before treating with anti-corrosion treatments such as electrozingage for example. In case of non-compliance with this operation, the bolts will rust shortly on a machine freshly redone and everything will be restarted.
The frame spacers as well as the crank axle support and the motor return springs must also be disassembled to be treated with the hardware. This small disassembly in addition brings a certain effect on the final result.

Small precision, the only screws that must be painted are the four that fix the two arms of the fork.


The parts are to be reassembled in the opposite direction of disassembly.
The bearings of the pedals and of the fork must be well greased before their assembly.
It is only the game of the fork to be adjusted by the tightening of the nut located under the handlebars. To do this, tighten completely and unscrew slightly without there being any play to check by front-rear movement of the Solex, front brake tight.

The different parts are to be stripped to remove all traces of grease and rust to provide a safe base for the paint. The parts full of soil and grease are to be cleaned with a degreasing agent, type essence, before sanding not to foul the tools. Fine shot blasting or sanding is possible and saves time, but be careful not to damage the finest parts.