Disassembly of the cycle part

Above all, it is very important to take pictures before and during the dismantling of the Solex to allow a quick and original winding. Something made all the easier with the use of a digital camera.


The dismantling of most parts does not present any particular problems except:

  • On the following S 3300s and models, the fender is mounted in force on the central part of the frame. You have to find a cookie cutter of the right size and knock in the right place to separate the two pieces.
  • The support of the crank axle passing through the frame is disassembled to be treated with the brake jaws and hardware.
  • The fork is removable from the frame after removing the handlebars (by tapping with a wedge on the previously unscrewed central screw), and unscrewed the nut that is used to adjust the play of the fork. On models prior to the S2200, bearings are made of balls that are free. Be careful not to lose them during the separation of the whole. (It will fall on all sides!)
Solex S2200 cadre Solex S2200