Chrome-plated rims

The wheels of these wonderful machines are often very damaged. According to the progress of the corrosion on the chrome, a polishing will be sufficient or rechromage will be necessary - if the state still allows it.

Depending on the different states of the rims, there are several possible restoration solutions:

  • The simplest thing if chrome plating is still relatively good is to clean with special chromium products. This is naturally the most economical solution.
  • For rims rusted or damaged, one possibility remains the replacement of the rim by a new one. Thanks to the re-manufacture of models similar to the S3800 by two different companies, many new parts like rims and tires are available. The dimensions of the rim correspond to the models from 1700. Solution to put aside by the purists because the rims are intended to wear tube with conventional tip and not Presta like originally. The hole to let through the valve is bigger...
  • The last possibility, the most expensive but often necessary, is to have it re-chromed. To reduce costs, removing the spokes and polishing the rim must be done by yourself. Allow about 50 Euros of chrome plating.